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The 10 Dopest Space Hoodies EVER

| September 05, 2017

If you want to look out of this world, check out the Lost in Space Collection from Epic Hoodie.

This collection of hoodies features space-inspired colors and designs on both pullovers and zip-ups. Check out below for our personal favorites and recommendations! 

1. Rasta Woods Unisex Hoodie 

This hoodie caught my eye for two reasons. One, the rasta colors of red, yellow and green. And two, the forest design on the bottom half of the hoodie. The rasta colors are subtle, not in your face color blocked red, yellow and green, but blurred together in a way that makes other colors stand out, but the primary three are there if you look very closely. And the forest design on the bottom of the hoodie is detailed, elegant and silhouetted perfectly against the multi-colored background. Essential for Electric Forest? I think so.



2. Green Galaxy Hoodie

Most space designs features blues, purples and reds as the main color palate. The Green Galaxy Hoodie switches things up by using cool colors, with green as the primary hue. This hoodie is artistic (and oddly calming) and is perfectly suited for everyday use, or for cooler nights during festival season. 



3. Geometric Cloud Cluster Unisex Hoodie 

Another hoodie that uses the unusual color of green for a space-inspired hoodie is the Geometric Cloud Cluster Hoodie. This hoodie stands out from the rest with its understated space design combined with a subtle geometric design on the sleeves and bottom of the jacket. At first glance the hoodie is simple, but with a second look, the true intricacy of the colors and designs is revealed. 



4. Lush Galaxy Hoodie 

The Lush Galaxy Hoodie is the classic space hoodie. Featuring stars and galaxies on a red, blue and purple background, the Lush Galaxy Hoodie is a must-have for any space lovers. Warning: while wearing this hoodie you may receive many compliments. 



5. Black Hole Hoodie 

The Black Hole Hoodie features a swirling black hole design in the center of the hoodie, with an almost ombre lightening effect. The yellows and oranges of the black hole contrast perfectly with the blues and blacks on the outer edges of the black hole. This hoodie will keep you warm and stylish at your next nighttime rave!



6. Astronaut Pals Unisex Hoodie

I had to feature this hoodie because it has a panda and cat astronauts. While we here at Epic Hoodie love our cats, I've never seen a cat astronaut before and it's adorable. The two astronaut friends are at the forefront of the design and whether you're an animal lover, a space lover or something in between, you can't go wrong with this hoodie!




7. Other World Hoodie 

There is something very Close Encounters of the Third Kind about this hoodie (thanks Spielberg). The orange and pink-hued skies with the abandoned looking house on the hill is very cinematic, and the spaceship (kind of Death Star-esque) rising up in the background is the clincher. If you feel like rocking an alien-inspired space hoodie, our Other World Hoodie is the one for you. 


8. Landing Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie 

I personally feel like zip-up hoodies don't get enough attention, and why not? They're usually lighter and easier to layer than pull-overs. Our Landing Zip-Up Hoodie has an almost color blocked sky of yellow and blue with a detailed tree silhouette and a person on the bottom of the jacket. Classy, simple and a zip-up. It doesn't get better. 



9. Coral Carona Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie 

Our Coral Carona Zip-Up Hoodie features a soft conflagration of pinks and purples that reminded me of cotton candy. The Carona still features the essential space-inspired design of stars and swirling nebulas but in a blushing color palate. If you want to be the star of the show (couldn't help myself, sorry), wear the Carona Zip-Up. 


10. Spaced Cat Unisex Hoodie 

There was something about this design that reminded me of Galantis (maybe how pointed the cat ears are?) and the hoodie itself is beautiful. The colors are vivid and bright with a cat design with eyes that seem to look into your soul. Show your love for cats, space or Galantis (I guess?) with our Spaced Cat Unisex Hoodie. 


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