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Top 10 Hoodies To Keep It Fresh Spring 2017

| April 12, 2017

Here on the east coast, spring has been such a tease. We get sunshine and 60 degree weather and then BAM. Blizzard. Snow days and global warming aside, spring is inevitably coming (finally) and Epic Hoodie has released a series of new hoodies with designs that are perfect for spring. 

1. Mandala Splotches Unisex Hoodie

This hoodie features a cool color palate with blues and greens, and with an artsy and abstract design that is reminiscent of a flower. This hoodie has a design that is colorful, creative and simple enough to wear while you're out and about, but is also abstract and artistic enough to fit in at a rave. Also available in a Zip-Up!

2. Full Bloom Unisex Hoodie 

Does this design look familiar to you? If you've spent your childhood (or adulthood) guzzling Arizona tea drinks, then yes, I hope it looks familiar. The pink blossoms contrast perfectly with the dark boughs and the classic teal background, and the flowers give a nod to spring. 

3. Into the Crowd Unisex Hoodie 

While this hoodie doesn't have the floral designs or bright color palate of spring, nonetheless it has a design that is familiar to all ravers. Standing in a crowd and seeing a sea of hands raised up? Yes please. In honor of all the upcoming spring raves and festivals, we've included our Into the Crowd Unisex Hoodie into our top ten favorite hoodies for spring. 

4. Beach Dream Unisex Hoodie 

When the weather refuses to warm, blizzards randomly blow into town, and snow refuses to melt for weeks on end, we all fantasize about warmer weather. The Beach Dream Unisex Hoodie brings to mind days of summer spent on the beach, soaking up the sun. With a color spread that brings to mind a hyper-saturated Instagram filter, wearing this hoodie will remind you of summertime beach days. 

5. Scanset Unisex Hoodie 

The Scanset Hoodie features the same hyper-saturated Instagram filter color palate as our Beach Dream Hoodie. The design of a color-blocked sunset over the waters just off a small island is nothing short of picture perfect. We all need the thought of something warm and comforting to carry us through the long (when will it end?!) winter and the Scanset Hoodie reminds us that spring, sunshine and beaches are just around the corner. 

6. Mind Blown Unisex Hoodie 

Few hoodies scream "rave" louder than the Mind Blown Hoodie. The brilliant colors and complicated design will leave people blinking as they try to decipher your hoodie. Ideal for cool nights at spring festivals, but you'll fit in perfectly with the brightly attired crowd. 

7. Dyed Doodles Unisex Hoodie 

The soft palate of colors combined with the floral-esque design give a subtle nod to spring. The multitude of colors brings to mind a bed of spring flowers (a girl can dream, can't she?) and while we wait for the trees to put out colors, we can substitute with the Dyed Doodles Hoodie. 

8. Serenity Unisex Hoodie 

The Serenity Unisex Hoodie certainly lives up to its name. The meadows looking out at a sunset through a valley is calming and definitely a sight for sore eyes. The scene portrayed on the hoodie is reminiscent of summertime hikes into the mountains, or a scene from Lord of the Rings (this makes me think of the Shire, what do you guys think?). 

9. Method Unisex Hoodie 

The color blocked Method Unisex Hoodie is simple and subtle enough at first glance to be worn around town, but when looked at a little closer, would fit in perfectly at a rave. I can't quite say what the design is, and I've been looking at this picture for a solid ten minutes. That being said, the puzzling design would be a great conversation starter at your next fest!

10. Aurora Glow Unisex Hoodie 

Our final hoodie is not quite a springtime hoodie (as it features snow), but there's no better way to appreciate the coming spring than to look back at the snow we're leaving behind. The trees and the water featured on the Aurora Glow hoodie combines both springtime nature with a space-y sky design. 

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