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Top 10 Hoodies To Keep It Fresh Spring 2022

| April 01, 2019

Here on the east coast, spring has been such a tease. We get sunshine and 60 degree weather and then BAM. Blizzard. Snow days and global warming aside, spring is inevitably coming (finally) and Epic Hoodie has released a series of new hoodies with designs that are perfect for spring. 

From hilarious Cartoon designs to Sacred Geometry patterns, we have a fresh selection of all over print styles for everyone. Here are our top 10 for Spring 2020. 


10. Trippy Rick Hoodie 

Rick has done it again. This time he's getting a little trippy and visiting another dimension. Perfect for a music festival or just to make your friends laugh, this hoodie is super comfortable. Next time you Netflix and chill to some Rock & Morty, you have the perfect hoodie to wear. 

Get your Trippy Rick Hoodie HERE



9. Mandala Splotches Hoodie

This hoodie features a cool color palate with blues and greens, and with an artsy and abstract design that is reminiscent of a flower. This hoodie has a design that is colorful, creative and simple enough to wear while you're out and about, but is also abstract and artistic enough to fit in at a rave.

Buy your Mandala Splotches Hoodie HERE & it's available in a Zip-Up HERE!



8. Splatter Alien Hoodie 

SPLAT! This neon splattered alien design is a top pick from our newest artist added to Epic Hoodie, BrizBazaar. This melty alien face gives off a trippy out of this world vibe mixed with street art flair. 

Find your Alien Splatter Hoodie in your size HERE.



7. 420 Munchies Cat Hoodie  

While this hoodie doesn't have the floral designs or bright color palate of spring, it has another type of flower that we celebrate in the spring on 4/20! This stoner kitty is in heaven with a PURR-rito because he's got the munchies.

Get your 420 Munchies Cat Hoodie HERE




6. Mind Blown Unisex Hoodie 

Few hoodies scream "rave" louder than the Mind Blown Hoodie. The brilliant colors and complicated design will leave people blinking as they try to decipher your hoodie. Ideal for cool nights at spring festivals, but you'll fit in perfectly with the brightly attired crowd. 

Blow their minds with your new Mind Blown Hoodie HERE




5. Dyed Doodles Unisex Hoodie 

The soft pallet of colors combined with the floral-esque design give a subtle nod to spring. The multitude of colors brings to mind a bed of spring flowers (a girl can dream, can't she?) and while we wait for the trees to put out colors, we can substitute with the Dyed Doodles Hoodie. 

Get your Dyed Doodles Hoodie HERE




4. Starsplosion Hoodie 

This purple nebula just exploded all over this hoodie for an epic new design that is going to be one of our most popular picks for 2019. Galaxy hoodies are a classic but this new vibrant Starsplosion is new for Spring 2019. 

Buy your Starsplosion Hoodie HERE




3. Lennon Hoodie Dress 

This floral hoodie dress is a must for Spring when it's too chilly to wear a sundress but you still want to rock a dress. Floral patterns are totally in for Spring and Summer and this blue floral design is a top pick.

Buy your Lennon Hoodie Dress HERE or get this design in a regular hoodie HERE



2. Quilted Hoodie 

The color blocked mandala design hoodie is so complex you can get lost in the details of the beautiful patterns. The color scheme gives an earthy tone, which goes with the growth of Spring. 

Get your Quilted Hoodie HERE



1. Oracle of Life Zip Up Hoodie

Maybe I'm biased because purple is my favorite color, but this is my favorite hoodie of the season. We just got this vibrant design in and it's already a hit. The purple sacred geometry pattern mixed with the starry galactic arm design is a hit. 

Get your Oracle Of Life Zip Up Hoodie HERE



This is only a small amount of the incredible hoodies we offer at Epic Hoodie. Browse our BRAND NEW COLLECTION OF HOODIES HERE for fresh picks for 2020.