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What makes an EPIC HOODIE?

Read More...At Epic Hoodie, we believe that hoodies are the single most epic piece of clothing ever created! While hoodies have been around for years, sublimation All-Over-Print hoodies have only become a fashion phenomenon very recently. Why are they so awesome you ask? Simply put, in the history of fashion, designers never had access to the technology that would allow them to design and print such vivid, awe inspiring colors and intricate detailed designs. Sublimation print allows us to create premium wearable art for you and your awesome friends!

Made from biodegradable microfiber polyester and eco friendly inks, these hoodies are both environmentally friendly and on the cutting edge of fashion. Each hoodie is hand pressed and personally inspected. The art-work designs will never crack or fade, these hoodies will stay fresh as the day you bought them! In order to provide your hoodies with the best care possible once you purchase them please air dry only, do not put them in a dryer. Our hoodies are made for an ultra comfortable fitted feel that will have you feeling warm and cozy without the extra weight of heavier fabric.

Epic Hoodies make perfect gifts for Christmas and the holidays! Choose from our curated collections including Lost In Space, Sacred Geometry, Cat Collection, Art Inspired, Pokémon Fam and more! Hoodies are a great gift for all ages, shapes, and sizes.