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10 Art-Inspired Hoodies That'll Make Your Jaw Drop

| November 05, 2017

Art is the most versatile medium out there and there are so many unique styles that you can create. Art can encompass music, photography, literature, dance and paintings. All of it is art, and we believe wearing art is the best way to express yourself every day.

The Art Inspired Collection from Epic Hoodie draws inspiration from classical and contemporary art to create a hoodie collection that is sure to be a head-turner.

Check out our top 10 picks from the new Art Inspired Collection. 


1. Ripple in Space Hoodie 


The Ripple in Space Unisex Hoodie features a galactic-inspired design. It is impossible to separate the sky from the ocean in the serene design, creating a trippy star scape of colors. 



2. Stripes Hoodie


The diffracted stylization of the tiger's face renders the image artistic but at the same time, recognizable. Unleash your inner fierce tiger side with this fractal design. 



3. Electric Wave Hoodie


The green and blue design of the hoodie contrasts with the dark background, and will certainly turn heads as you walk by. There is something strangely futuristic and electrifying about this design. 



 4. Four Eyes Hoodie


This hoodie is cute and quirky. The adorable kitty gives off a hipster nerd look. The design is unique and creative, and makes the perfect gift for your favorite four eyes. 



5. Galactic Valley Hoodie


The Galactic Valley Hoodie shows an epic star lit path between the mountains covered in shadowed silhouettes of evergreen trees. The beautiful sky shows all the galaxies in our dreams with cool colors for winter. Stay warm in the Galactic Valley Hoodie on your next mountain adventure.



6. Reflection Hoodie


The Reflection Unisex Hoodie lives up to its name with the serene design of a person outlined against a multi-colored sky scattered with stars. The colors of the sky all blend together in an ombre pattern, moving from deep orange on one sleeve to pale green on the other.



7. Northern Lights Hoodie


One of the most beautiful sights in the world is undoubtedly the Northern Lights. Now even if you don't live in Alaska, Canada, or any country between latitudes of 65-72 degrees, you can still see the Northern Lights- on your hoodie. The blues, purples and whites melt together to mimic the extraordinary natural phenomenon. 



8. Colorful Impression Hoodie 


The Colorful Impression Unisex Hoodie features impressionism, abstraction and maybe a little expressionism. The colors are muted, but the design is on-par for you to show off your knowledge of all the artistic movements. 



9. Bass Rainbow Hoodie


There's something about the ripple effect on the design of the Bass Rainbow Unisex Hoodie makes me think about the way bass music can be illustrated. The ups and downs of the bass drop design in tie-dye makes this perfect for your next headbanger event.



10. Finn Hoodie


Finn is our favorite character on the show Adventure Time. The goofy character looks adorable throwing up the \_/ symbol with a tie-dye background. 


Art feeds the soul and your style. Epic Hoodie's designs are All-Over Print Hoodies that are vibrant from sleeve to sleeve. Check out more art-inspired designs HERE to always dress your best.