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10 Ultra-Soft Hooded Blankets To Keep You Warm This Winter

| December 05, 2022

Whether you're by a campfire, at the movie theater, or attending a festival on a chilly night, Epic Hoodie has an entire Hooded Blanket Collection to get lost in! Just as vibrant and fashionable as they are cozy, every hooded blanket is available in four sizes; blankets that don't cover your full body will be an issue of the past! The four sizes are are applicable for children or utilized as your next bedspread. With original designs and unimaginable comfort, your hooded blanket will be a certified conversation starter and your favorite home good. 


Check out Epic Hoodie's 10 Ultra-Soft Hooded Blankets to keep you cozy below!  


Catch Em All Hooded Blanket

We all want to look the very best, like no one ever was. Epic Hoodies Catch Em All Hooded Blanket has you covered, quite literally. This nostalgic blanket features over 150 reasons to love it. Catch this hooded blanket before it gets away!

Buy Epic Hoodie's Catch Em All Hooded Blanket 


Shock A Planet Hooded Blanket

You buy a hooded blanket for tranquility and maximum relaxation. Why not also have a print that perfectly represents all of that? Our Shock A Planet Hooded Blanket features a beautiful watercolor design with a setting sun and waterfall. I feel relaxed just looking at it.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Shock A Planet Hooded Blanket HERE!


Daylight Bloom Hooded Blanket


 A vintage look is a good look. The Daylight Bloom Hooded Blanket features a beautiful floral bouquet. The look is a bit dark in the best way and perfect for winter. Also, its perfect to bring along to your night filled with stories next to the campfire.

Buy Epic Hoodie's Daylight Bloom Hooded Blanket


Space Boy Hooded Blanket

We know a lot of you buy these hooded blankets for festivals--if you're in that category this is the hooded blanket for you. Our Space Boy Hooded Blanket has everything for you rave lovers, space, neon, and smoke.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Space Boy Hooded Blanket HERE!


Esoteric Hooded Blanket

Our Esoteric Hooded Blanket has the perfect amount of black to hold us down throughout December. The colors and design will not fade, crack, or peel. Catch us running down the streets of Salem dawning this hooded blanket.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Esoteric Hooded Blanket HERE!



Enchanted Flora Hooded Blanket

Roses are red, violets are blue, our Enchanted Flora Hooded Blanket is ideal for you. The different shades of blue with subtle pinks will match just about everything. Floral is always in style and with this, you will be too.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Enchanted Flora Hooded Blanket HERE!


Mermaid Scales Gold Hooded Blanket

Sometimes, a real attention-grabbing print is the way to go. The Mermaid Scales Gold Hooded Blanket will curb your appetite for gold. Simple shimmering gold scales cover the blanket all over. With this one, you'll make Ariel jealous.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Mermaid Scales Gold Hooded Blanket HERE!


Tropical Twilight Hooded Blanket

One of the best colorways is the Miami Vice sunset scheme. We nailed it with our Tropical Twilight Hooded Blanket. Silhouetted palm tress with a vivid sunset stun on this blanket. This is another essential for festival goers.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Tropical Twilight Hooded Blanket HERE!


Party Geometric Hooded Blanket

Nostalgia hits like a ton of bricks whenever we think of arcades. The Party Geometric Hooded Blanket pays homage to those iconic arcade rugs you would see back in the day. Nothing beats a blanket that is comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for an arcade.  


Buy Epic Hoodie's Party Geometric Hooded Blanket HERE!


Flamingos Hooded Blanket

Want a clean, soft look? Our Flamingos Hooded Blanket is the blanket for you. An all-over flamingo print that is not too loud. Soft pastel blues and pinks with a nice off white backdrop. I bet this one will be in your cart!


Buy Epic Hoodie's Flamingos Hooded Blanket HERE!



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