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10 Holiday Hoodies That'll Knock Your Socks Off

| December 01, 2017

I don't know how the rest of the world does it, but I know in New York, I live my best life in a hoodie. In my apartment, at work, and just doing grocery shopping, hoodies are one of the staples of my wardrobe.

With the coming of winter, it's even more socially acceptable to curl up in bed wearing a hoodie, with no plans of contacting the outside world until you finish binge watching every Christmas movie on Netflix.

We've rounded up ten of our favorite festive hoodies from Epic Hoodie that will be perfect for the holidays.

Whether you're lying in bed spilling hot chocolate on them or flaunting them at your next Christmas party, you can't go wrong with these wonderfully funny, weird and classical holiday hoodies


1. Christmas Tree Rick Hoodie


Rick and Morty has taken the world by storm. Spawning festival totems, shirts, bags and other paraphernalia, the adult swim cartoon has to have a holiday hoodie of its own. Now, having never watched an episode of Rick and Morty myself, I'm not sure if there's a joke I'm missing in this hoodie (if I am, let me know in the comments!) but this fun holiday hoodie has all the earmarks of our favorite time of the year. From gingerbread men to wrapped presents and holly, this hoodie has it all. Oh and don't forget the Christmas tree with Rick's face on it. 



2. Happy Human Holiday Hoodie


The quintessential ugly Christmas sweater, the Happy Human Holiday Hoodie is decked out in festive reds, greens and whites with two possibly naked Santa guys in the middle. The two little Santa gremlins are what really take this ugly Christmas sweater to a whole new level of weird. Imagine the expressions on the faces of your relatives when you arrive at your family holiday parties wearing this weird and extra ugly Christmas hoodie. 



3. Reindeer Nipple Hoodie


When I first saw this hoodie I thought it was cute. And then I took a second look. Oh. A hoodie that's sure to get you double takes from friends and family alike, you almost don't notice the little abnormality. From a distance, it really does look like a reindeer. The Christmas pin and wool texture designs make this hoodie a fun must-have for the holiday season. Everyone can rock this hoodie, hairy chested or not. 



4. Rick Portal Hoodie


The perfect holiday gift for the avid Rick and Morty fan in your life, this holiday hoodie combines the charms of an ugly Christmas sweater with Rick's slightly insane grin. Perfectly festive with little Santa cherubs and a wreath of holiday lights, this hoodie is acceptable at any holiday party you attend. And on the bright side, if someone compliments your hoodie you know that you'll have something to talk about! (Anything to avoid that painfully awkward holiday party small talk right?)



5. Grumpy Cat Hoodie


You can't go wrong with this Grumpy Cat hoodie for any feline lover in your life. Even if you love Christmas (I do, but this cat's expression is me 99% of the time) you can't help but laugh a little bit at this cat just not having it. Gift this hoodie to your resident grinch, Christmas elf (you know the one, they start playing Christmas carols at 12:01 AM on November 26) or to your friendly cat-lover. Either way, this hoodie is sure to illicit a laugh or two. 



6. Santa Hoodie


A classic hoodie, this Santa Hoodie brings all the hollies and jollies of the holiday onto your sweater. Who says you need a Santa suit to be a legit Claus this Christmas? This stylish Santa hoodie comes with it all: (imitation) fur trimming, (a fake) cinched belt around the waist and (not actually there) buttons that will never lose their shine. Santa himself would be jealous of how good this illusion hoodie looks! 



7. Spongebob Hoodie


I may live under a pop culture rock (I'll be honest, if it's not EDM, I don't know it) but if there's one pop culture thing that I do know, it's Spongebob. And this Spongebob hoodie absolutely melted my heart. Everyone's favorite resident of Bikini Bottom (sorry Patrick) is decked out in his merry Santa cap with a smile that looks like all of us on Christmas morning. Maybe yellow isn't a classic holiday color, but by wearing this all-over print hoodie you will stand out in the sea of reds and greens on Christmas! 



8. Stranger Things Hoodie


So about that pop culture rock, I don't know anything about Stranger Things either. (I know, why am I even writing this article?) But our Stranger Things Hoodie brings a slightly creepy vibe to this classically light and fun holiday. Despite the dark colors and eerie font, this hoodie is still festive with its fun design of strings of holiday lights across the front. Bring the Stranger Things vibe to your next holiday get-together with this unique holiday hoodie. 



9. Grinch Hoodie 


I don't care what anyone says, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the soul of the season. This hoodie is in a bright holiday green and stars the cartoon Grinch's classic facial expressions. The Grinch's large yellow eyes, impressive eyebrow action and smile so wide that he can swallow an entire fruitcake will make this hoodie an instant addition to your holiday wardrobe. His heart may not have grown three sizes yet, but when people see you in this hoodie, you can bet their hearts will! 



10. Elf Hoodie


Another classic design, if you're not feeling the Santa vibes, why not be one of the big man's helpers? (Elves are so underrated). This hoodie is everything festive, from candy cane stripes of red and white to the wide yellow buttons, green vest and brown belt. This cute and classy hoodie will be perfect for caroling, holiday brunch or wearing Christmas Eve, morning or any other time of the month. Couples idea: match with our Santa hoodie and you'll be the cutest holiday couple wherever you go! 


Feeling jolly yet? Check out the rest of Epic Hoodie's Christmas Hoodies HERE for more funny, festive and meme-worthy hoodies. These all-over print designs are guaranteed to be the hit of your next Holiday Party!