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10 Hoodies for Pop Culture Lovers

| September 06, 2022

Have you ever binged an entire show or watched an incredible blockbuster and immediately desired to demonstrate your love for pop culture with a hoodie? We all can't help but think that way, so look no further for your favorite animation characters, villains, and video games printed on our signature hoodies. Here at Epic Hoodie we have your fix on all the best pop culture swag. 


Check out Epic Hoodie's 10 Hoodies for Pop Culture Lovers below!  


Stranger Things Hoodie Dress

We got the Stranger Things Hoodie Dress for the lovers of all things Hawkins. No need to explain Stranger Things lore as this epic show has infiltrated pop culture with every season. If Chrissie is wearing our comfortable hoodie dress, she definitely won't wake up. Sorry Eddie!


Buy Epic Hoodie's Stranger Things Hoodie Dress HERE!


Charizard Unisex Hoodie

Nostalgia for everyone's favorite pocket monsters is at an all-time high. Our Charizard Unisex Hoodie will make you feel like a Pokémon master. The realistic backdrop accentuates Charizard with this legendary Pokéhoodie. Catch this one before it gets away from you.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Charizard Unisex Hoodie HERE!


Jewls Fleece Crop Hoodie

Pulp Fiction is a cinematic masterpiece and our Jewls Fleece Crop Hoodie is the perfect way to show off your love of the best foul-mouthed hitman in film. The perfect shade of blue sets the stage for this iconic print. We found the answer to the perfect hoodie, now, what was in that briefcase?


Buy Epic Hoodie's Jewls Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE!


Level Up Mushroom Unisex Hoodie

Everyone remembers the moment of defeat and "Game Over" title screen in Super Mario 64 wishing they had a 1-Up mushroom in their inventory. Stay alive with Epic Hoodie's Level Up Mushroom Hoodie. Can't get enough of Epic Hoodie's Pop Culture collection? View the entire collection HERE!


Buy Epic Hoodie's Level Up Mushroom Unisex Hoodie HERE!


Riddler Fleece Crop Hoodie

What is the quintessence of comfort and style? The Riddler Fleece Crop Hoodie for the days your feel most villainous. The amazing artist Technodrome strikes again with this hype hoodie. This is easy to pair with any article from your wardrobe and resistant to fading. 


Buy Epic Hoodie's Riddler Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE!



Tombstone Unisex Zip-up Hoodie

The Tombstone Unisex Zip-up Hoodie is the perfect hoodie for all of you wrestling fans out there. The mint green perfectly compliments the purples on this eerie print. Compliments and kudos are guaranteed with this hoodie.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Tombstone Unisex Zip-up Hoodie HERE!


Sharekhan Drome Hoodie Dress

We looked for the bare necessities and found the enticing Sharekhan Drome Hoodie Dress. The vivid all-over colors practically glow. Go on, wear this stunning hoodie dress and forget about your worries and your strife.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Sharekhan Drome Hoodie Dress HERE!


Nacho Unisex Hoodie

Nacho! The most iconic luchadores deserves to be portrayed on a quality hoodie. Our Nacho Unisex Hoodie features the mightiest fighter of all time. The contrasting blues and reds make this graphic seem like it came directly from a comic book. Now, get that corn outta my face!


Buy Epic Hoodie's Nacho Unisex Hoodie HERE!


The Mighty Jungle Unisex Hoodie

Hakuna Matata in our classic The Mighty Jungle Unisex Hoodie. Flaunt that roar you were practicing and look stylish while doing it. Beautiful bioluminescent purples backdrop a silhouetted Simba, Timon, and Pumba. We all want to be the King of the Couch.


Buy Epic Hoodie's The Mighty Jungle Unisex Hoodie HERE!


Spidey Senses Unisex Hoodie

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman never looked better than on one of our hoodies. The Spidey Senses Unisex Hoodie looks as if it was taken straight out of the Spiderverse. Vivid cosmic colors are spread throughout this stellar print. Get your before everyone else webs this one up.


Buy Epic Hoodie's Spidey Senses Unisex Hoodie HERE!


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