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10 Nug Worthy Weed Hoodies You'll Love

| February 12, 2019

One thing about stoners, is they love trippy styles and vibrant colors, which is everything we are about at Epic Hoodie. We are 420 friendly and we believe in taking a daily toke break. 

Our art-inspired hoodies will stay vibrant after hundreds of washes too, so when you accidentally spill your munchies on your hoodie, don't worry.  

Light one up and browse these hilarious stoner designs below. 


10. Psychedelic Weed Hoodies 

This trippy design is a kaleidoscopic view of your favorite green plant. Wear trippy art and be trippy art in this vibrant, Rasta colored pot leaf design. 

Get your Psychedelic Weed Hoodie HERE



9. Weed Unisex Hoodie 

Your favorite plant is on display in this one. Smoke it up and wear it out. Your 420 party never looked so good. 

Get your Weed Hoodie HERE also available in a zip up style HERE



8. Stoned Toons Hoodie 

All your favorite cartoons came out for this one. Betty Boop, Spongebob, Fred Flintstone - that's right the whole gang is here to get blazed. 

Blaze it up in this Stoned Toons Hoodie HERE



7. Fear And Loathing Hoodie 

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Hunter S Thompson was a known stoner who loved to indulge in many things, including Marry Jane. 

Rock this Fear & Loathing Hoodie HERE and let's take a trip. 



6. Einstein Puffs Hoodie 

Whatcha smoking there, Einstein? Whatever it is, keep the creativity flowing. Some some herb and it take you to another dimension of thought. 

Buy your Einstein Hoodie HERE.



5. One Love Hoodie 

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." -Bob Marley. The man of the Rasta knows best. Chillax, smoke some herb and represent our favorite pro-weed artist, Bob Marley.

Get your One Love Hoodie HERE. 



4. Chill Hoodie 

Chill out and get stoned in this cool colored hoodie. The details on the plant will never crack or fade since we use a sublimation printing technique! 

Purchase your Chill Hoodie HERE. 



3. American Bud Hoodie 

In America, we bleed Red, White & Green, especially on 420. Take a toke, and drift into space in this galactic American flag themed design.

Float on in your American Bud Hoodie HERE



2. Oscar The Nug Hoodie 

This hilarious design shows your favorite Sesame Street character in nug form. His little intricate hairs look like the dankest strain ever. The cash money in the glasses are an added gangsta touch. 

Get your hilarious Oscar The Nug Hoodie HERE



1. Legalize America Light Up Hoodie 

Glow them away with this light up statement hoodie. Let America be green and just legalize it. 

Make your statement with a Legalize It Hoodie HERE. 



If you didn't find your signature stoner hoodie, check out the full Munchies Collection HERE. We have many more styles to show your love for mary jane.