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10 Trendy and Chic Crop Hoodies for 2023

| December 06, 2022

2023 is practically here, now that it's one month away! Ring in the new year and spruce yourself with a new Crop Hoodie that is perfect for Spring--just pair it with high-waisted jeans, biker shorts, or a denim skirt. Not limited to these outfit combinations, Epic Hoodie encourages you to create your own perfect crop hoodie combination that suits your personal fashion style. Discover the crop hoodie of your dreams from the entire Epic Hoodie Crop Hoodie Collection featuring mandalas, cartoon characters, floral prints, and more. Save $20 on any hoodie with code: EPICDEAL. Happy New Year and Epic Hoodie wishes you a wonderful 2023! 


Check out Epic Hoodie's 10 Trendy and Chic Crop Hoodies below! 


    Brizmosphere Crop Hoodie

    Peace. Love. And the nostalgia of a childhood filled with Lisa Frank toys. Animated and graphic, doesn’t this hoodie remind you of Lisa Frank? Even the hood of this Brizmosphere Crop Hoodie continues the design’s complexity with hypnotic swirls. If you can’t get enough of this remarkable colorway, explore the entire Brizbazaar Hoodie Collection HERE!


    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Brizmosphere Crop Hoodie HERE!

    Canndala Warm Crop Hoodie

    The Canndala Warm Crop Hoodie unites cannabis in mandala form. This hoodie’s design underlines the art of cannabis! Gift this to your beloved 420 friendly loved one for their birthday. Wish this hoodie was available in different colors? View the entire Canndala Collection featuring hooded blankets! 


    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Canndala Warm Crop Hoodie HERE!

    Disambiguation Crop Hoodie

    Here at Epic Hoodie, we love clothing that makes a statement like none other! The Disambiguation Crop Hoodie requires you to stare at it in order to notice the various intricacies making an optical illusion. Everybody needs a statement hoodie, treat yourself this 2023!

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Disambiguation Crop Hoodie HERE!




    Red And Green Festive Bud Crop Hoodie

    It will never be winter without (ugly) Christmas hoodies/sweaters. But, cannabis and Christmas have never looked so good in festive colors. Enjoy unraveling your gifts while wearing the Red And Green Festive Bud Hoodie. Feel the joy of Christmas with Epic Hoodie’s Christmas Hoodie Collection that happens to be available all year long. This is your sign to throw a Christmas in July party.

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Red And Green Festive Bud Crop Hoodie HERE!

    Light Night Crop Hoodie

    Roses, leaves, and additional flowers come alive in neon blue, purple, and pink in the dreamscape of Epic Hoodie’s Light Night Crop Hoodie. Suitable for rainy days and cold temperatures, experiment, add a pop of color to your wardrobe with this elegant find. Locate your favorite leggings to accompany the Light Night Hoodie Dress.  

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Light Night Crop Hoodie HERE!

    Psychedelic Butterflies Crop Hoodie

    Butterflies will remain timeless to any feminine yet modern outfit to your lookbook. If you think this hoodie is a showstopper, then the Psychedelic Butterflies Hoodie Dress deserves an encore! Made with Pre-Shrunk 2-Way Stretch 100% Premium Microfiber Polyester, this hoodie is meant to stay in great condition throughout the years.

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Psychedelic Butterflies Crop Hoodie HERE!


    Paradise Palm Trees Crop Hoodie

    A colorway of pink, blue, and purple fuse a cotton candy sky captured in the Paradise Palm Trees Crop Hoodie. A design like this would be great for spring and paired with your favorite shorts. This design deserves to become more than an outfit! Check out the Paradise Palm Trees Hooded Blanket to revamp your bedding and home goods.

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Paradise Palm Trees Crop Hoodie HERE!


    Radiance 2 Crop Hoodie

    The Radiance 2 Crop Hoodie truly radiates through our eyes! Don’t know where to wear this beauty? Bring this electric hoodie to your next yoga class, sleepover, or coffee date. Pairing the Radiance 2 Crop Hoodie with a pair of black jeans would be a casual yet luminous look.

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Radiance 2 Crop Hoodie HERE!


    Autumn Rose Crop Hoodie

    Please tell us you see the silhouettes of Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon too! Two cats are more endearing than just one. The Autumn Rose Crop Hoodie contrasts the beauty and juxtaposition of a rainbow against black, talk about pastel goth heaven. Cat lovers can purr and meow with a hoodie that was made using eco friendly inks! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Autumn Rose Crop Hoodie HERE! 



    Space Man Crop Hoodie

    Are you a techno head or an alien in space? Either way, this Space Man Crop Hoodie highlights the most underrated EDM genre fitting for space cadets and aliens. Gift this for your partner for a couple’s twinning outfit with the Space Man Hoodie. Keep it at 125BPM on your trip to another galaxy! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Space Man Crop Hoodie HERE! 


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