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Counting Down the 10 Dopest Hoodies of All Time

| February 03, 2019


As winter keeps pushing forward, we officially can't live without our favorite hoodie. Hoodie season is here to stay, so make sure your outfit essential is at least vibrant and the most epic hoodie in the world. 

Just because the weather is cold isn't an excuse for wearing ugly, oversized sweatshirts. Have no fear, Epic Hoodie is here to help!

Dress to impress with art-inspired, stand-out styles that will keep you warm and look awesome. Front and back high-def designs are sublimated printed, which means they won’t ever crack or fade keeping you fresh and warm all the way until Spring.

Say no to boring hoodies with the 10 Dopest Hoodies of All Time.


10. Dripping Space Hoodie

The Dripping Space Hoodie mixes negative space with actual space. It’s metaphorical art-inspired black and white design is unisex. The black night sky with twinkling stars gives this design the right amount of trippy. Get lost in space with the rest of the Lost In Space Collection HERE.

Purchase your Dripping Space Hoodie HERE.



9. Meditating Rafiki Hoodie

The Meditating Rafiki Hoodie takes our favorite chill lion king character and our favorite rap quote from Kendrick Lamar. That moment when you’re out with your friends vibing hard and some random tries to ruin the mood. We’ve all been there. Rock this hoodie to keep it extra zen.

Find your size in this Meditating Rafiki Hoodie HERE



8. Haunting My Dreams Hoodie

This Pokemon inspired designs is an artful depiction of the epic story of Ghastly and Cubone. Lurking in the corner is Ghastly, but have no fear, Cubone is here to face his nightmares. The Haunting My Dreams Hoodie is popular among 90s Kids who love their Pokemon. Check out more Pokemon designs HERE.

Grab your Haunting My Dreams Hoodie HERE



7. Mona Lisa Hoodie

One of the most famous paintings in history has been given a gangster makeover. We believe in wearing art, but this is taking boring designs to a modern street-art inspired level. Be ready for all the compliments though, because this Mona Lisa Hoodie is a definite conversation starter. #ThugLife

Grab your new gangsta Mona Lisa Hoodie HERE



6. Futurama Hoodie

Blast off into outer space with this detailed depiction of New New York. It’s time to elevate your style and get lifted into another dimension with the Futurama Hoodie. This hoodie is perfect for Futurama cartoon lovers and trippy enough for your next festival.

Buy your Futurama Hoodie HERE



5. Rasta Woods Hoodie

The Rasta Woods Hoodie gives a satisfying feel of Fall. The night sky features high-definition galaxies and clusters in autumn inspired colors. The tree line creates that zen vibe you get from late night walks in nature. If Rasta colors isn’t your thing, then check out the cooler version with blue and purple called Galactic Valley Hoodie HERE.

Get your new favorite design, the Rasta Woods Hoodie HERE




4. JG Hoodie

This swirling and vibrant design is going to be your new favorite hoodie the moment you put it on. The colors bend and mix into a beautiful chaotic design that everyone will compliment and ask where did you get this amazing hoodie?! 

Buy your new wild JG Hoodie HERE!




3. Metatronic Hoodie

The Metatronic Hoodie is an artistic and trippy design of sacred geometry featuring the infamous Metatron’s Cube. Metatron’s Cube is 13 circles connected together that create every shape in the universe. Its meaning is infinite and one of the most recognized Sacred Geometry symbols. Check out more Sacred Geometry Hoodies HERE.

Get your Metatronic Hoodie HERE.




2. Stranger Things Hoodie

If you haven’t binge watched this show on Netflix yet, you better hop to it. It is our favorite science fiction tale. This supernatural series gives us all the chills, but we can’t get enough. Grab the popcorn and this hoodie and find someone to Netflix and chill with quick because this show keeps you on the edge of your couch.

Find your Stranger Things Hoodie HERE




1. Stoned Toons Hoodie 


Get high and kick it with your favorite friends. Spongebob, Betty Boop, Bender, and even a Carebear are all tokin' it up in this hilarious depiction of your favorite cartoons. 

Toke it up in your new Hoodie HERE.


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