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10 Hoodies to Gift for Christmas 2022

| November 16, 2022

It's finally that time of year again to give a gift that keeps on giving! Gift your friends and family a hoodie they can wear for many winters to come from the entire Epic Hoodie Collection. Better than gifting plain cash or a gift card, hoodies are a functional gift that allow you to place thought into choosing the special pattern for your special someone. From many styles to choose from, every hoodie is made with 100% Premium Microfiber Polyester which is resistant to fading, peeling, and wrinkles. Epic Hoodie's Black November Sale starts now! Don't forget to save $25 on all hoodies with code: BN25. 


Check out Epic Hoodie's 10 Hoodies to Gift for Christmas 2022 below!

Biggie Drome Hoodie

    Because you can’t beat the classics of Old School Rap, the Biggie Drome Hoodie is perfect to gift for those who love Biggie, Tupac, and more. The Biggie Drome Hoodie Dress alongside the Biggie Drome Hoodie can be gifted to a couple as a heartfelt and coordinated gift! If you adore this Technodrome pattern, view the entire Technodrome Collection HERE!

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Biggie Drome Hoodie HERE! 

    Homie Hoodie 

    If you love the bright contrast of clashing colors against the black hoodie like the previous product, Homer Simpson makes another addition to gift for Christmas 2022 as adult animation never goes out of style. The Homie Hoodie fuses a plethora of colors in the shape of Homer Simpson to give homage (or shall we say homerage) to your favorite animated character. Purchase the matching Blacklight Cloth Face Mask for a uniform and consistent look HERE! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Homie Hoodie HERE!

    Mercury Way Hoodie 

    Enter an ethereal dreamstate with the Mercury Sunset Hoodie. Take a walk on the Mercury Way instead of the Milky Way with this scenic hoodie illuminating a wearable and artistic landscape. The sharp hot pinks and lilacs accentuate your natural aura as this print is guaranteed to never crack or peel! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Mercury Sunset Unisex Hoodie HERE! 



    Magic Mushrooms Hoodie 

    The Magic Mushrooms Hoodie is one of Epic Hoodie’s favorite designs! With irresistible rainbows and mushrooms bouncing off the hoodie, this hoodie can be gifted to friends or family that love to wear coordinated twinning outfits. For a completed and effortless outfit, the Magic Mushrooms Hoodie Dress can make an even better gift. 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Magic Mushrooms Hoodie HERE!   

    Heart Hoodie 

    Bubbly and radioactive, the Heart Zip-Up Hoodie goes above and beyond a trippy and  psychedelic vibe. Green, teal, and pink ooze an oil spill aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you thought this hoodie couldn’t become more appealing, check out the Heart Crop Hoodie HERE! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Heart Zip-Up Hoodie HERE! 



    Junglist Rainbow Hoodie

    A sparkling safari is captured in the Junglist Rainbow Hoodie that can be gifted to lovers of all things plants, botany, and herbs! Tropical colors of yellow, purple, and dark blue come together to create an array of soothing colors. Check out the entire Junglist Rainbow Hoodie Collection available in different colors HERE! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Junglist Rainbow Hoodie HERE! 


    Floral Dorian Zip-Up Hoodie 

    Roses conform into the silhouette of a skull in this delicate yet realistic design. This hoodie creates a soft yet edgy look and requires great attention to detail to appreciate its full print. If you’re not finished admiring this intrinsic print, the Floral Dorian Hooded Blanket is the home decorum you’ll cherish forever. 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Floral Dorian Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie Dress HERE! 

    Pandora Hooded Blanket 

    Are you looking to give a  gift that’s out of the ordinary? Every hoodie design is also available as a hooded blanket! This Pandora Hooded Blanket is better than the average blanket gifted every year. Combining a hoodie and blanket together in a one-of-a-kind print is a special and multifunctional gift for friends and family of all ages! View the entire Hooded Blanket Collection HERE! 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Pandora Hooded Blanket HERE!  


    Cherry Frost Splatter Crop Hoodie 

    To describe this Crop Hoodie in one word: Splat. This Cherry Frost Paint Splatter Crop Hoodie defies the notions of Color Theory with berry-like pastel shades and elaborate red splatters. Want this in a Hoodie Dress as well? The Cherry Frost Paint Splatter Hoodie Dress is available at Epic Hoodie now!  

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Cherry Frost Paint Splatter Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE! 


    Archangel Hoodie Dress

    You can’t go wrong with gifting this timeless Archangel Hoodie Dress as the pattern’s strength lies in the soft pink paint splatters and violet paint strokes. Fitting for the painter of the family, this hoodie dress has a simple yet vivid design applicable for every season! If graphic hoodie designs are too niche or specific, this design is neutral but charming. 

    Buy Epic Hoodie’s Archangel Hoodie Dress HERE!


    Gift your friends and family one-of-a-kind hoodies they'll always remember from the Epic Hoodie Hoodie Collection!