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10 New Hoodies to Buy Cyber Monday 2022

| November 16, 2022

Get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Epic Hoodie's Black November Sale! Save $25 on any hoodie from the Hoodie Collection with code: BN25. All patterns are available in Pullovers, Zip-Up Hoodies, Crop Hoodies, and Hoodie Dresses; get lost in the wide selection and discover your favorite hoodie you'll regret not buying later! Trying to save even more cash? Check out Epic Hoodie's Sale Collection HERE!   


Check out Epic Hoodie's Top 10 Hoodies for Cyber Monday 2022 below!


Post Revelation Crop Hoodie

The Post Revelation Crop Hoodie leaves us absolutely speechless. From the differing shades of blue, serpent, skull, and woman joining forces, we can’t get enough of this design. The hoodie is an extraordinary addition to your closet that is nothing like anything else you’ve worn. Don’t miss out this Cyber Monday! 

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Post Revelation Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE! 

Blooming Balance Hoodie Dress

 Another heavy-hitting hoodie from Epic Hoodie is the Blooming Balance Hoodie Dress promoting the beauty of Yin and Yang. Accompanied by the Seed of Life, this hoodie dress goes beyond trends and will continue to be stylish for years to come! View the entire Blooming Balance Collection HERE! 

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Blooming Balance Hoodie Dress HERE!

Red Dwarf Hoodie

Epic Hoodie’s Red Dwarf Hoodie unleashes an electric and hypnotizing appearance reminiscent of lasers and neon fluorescents. Taking inspiration from the Red Dwarf Star, these stars can’t easily be seen in outer space, but this pattern is sure to catch attention everywhere you go! This hoodie is a fitting gift for the celestial lover in your life! 

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Red Dwarf Hoodie HERE! 


Mental Tweak Zip-Up Hoodie 

Get lost in the infinite swirls in the Mental Tweak Zip-Up Hoodie! If you can’t get enough of this pattern, the Mental Twist Hoodie and Mental Swirl Hoodie are perfect if you love greens and purples paired with the beauty of this hoodie’s swirls. Feeling dazed and entranced when looking at the Mental Tweak Zip-Up Hoodie, we hope Cyber Monday compels you to become hypnotized with this hoodie!

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Mental Tweak Zip-Up Hoodie HERE! 


Smiles All Around Hoodie Dress

Groovy, grungy, and gorgeous, this black gingham Smiles All Around Hoodie deserves to be seen everywhere If you wish this hoodie was available in pink, Epic Hoodie has you covered! The Trippy Smiles Hoodie Dress has the same well-loved smiley faces appearing in a sea of pink. 

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Smiles All Around Hoodie Dress HERE! 


Anchored Discovery Hoodie 

Do you search the forest for faes, mushrooms, and fairies? Wear your mushroom-loving heart on your sleeve in Epic Hoodie’s Anchored Discovery Hoodie. Designed by the artist Damen Bonneau, every hoodie sold supports the artists creating every pattern behind Epic Hoodie’s Hoodie Collection.  

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Anchored Discovery Hoodie HERE! 



Psy Mosik Sea Hoodie 

Epic Hoodie’s latest addition to the Hoodie Collection is the Psy Mosik Sea Hoodie. Available in Magenta and Starburst, this hoodie is versatile to wear with many outfits throughout the year. Treat yourself this Cyber Monday with a new hoodie that is designed to last for years to come! View the entire Psy Mosik Hoodie Collection HERE! 

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Psy Mosik Sea Hoodie HERE! 

Mandala Splotches Zip-Up Hoodie 

Epic Hoodie’s Mandala Splotches Zip-Up Hoodie surprises wearers with an additional design inside of the hood! With a simple and beautiful symbol of a teal and white flower, this hoodie will never go out of style. Buying this hoodie will become a timeless product of your wardrobe and you won’t regret the splurge!  

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Mandala Splotches Zip-Up Hoodie HERE! 


Unveiling The Grid Hoodie

What is there not to love about the universal symbol of creation? Unveiling The Grid Hoodie is created with many seed and flower of life symbols that remind wearers of deeper meaning and purpose. Raise the vibration and sport this ancient symbol everywhere you go this Winter! 

Buy Epic Hoodie’s Unveiling The Grid Hoodie HERE!



Cracked Mind Cold Hoodie

The Cracked Mind Cold Hoodie is a sight for sore eyes to gift to yourself or a significant other. Riddled in color, this hoodie can provide any room you walk into with a trippy vibe from this conscious-bending pattern. The Cracked Mind Cold Hoodie is available in additional colors, view the entire collection HERE!


Buy Epic Hoodie's Cracked Mind Cold Hoodie HERE! 


Save some cash this year with Epic Hoodie's Black November Sale!