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5 Amazing Hoodies To Gift Your BFF

| November 12, 2017

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone can be hard, but when it comes to shopping for your best friend, it should be fun. This Holiday season, show your appreciation for your friendship by getting them something practical, but also creative. 

You know them better than anyone. You have spent hours together binge watching cartoons, you have traveled to new places together and you have bonded over pizza. You know all their weird obsessions and you know their style.

You also know they need to replace that worn out favorite hoodie for a brand new vibrant design. From your favorite cartoon characters, to your favorite munchies, Epic Hoodie has a style that your bestie will wear forever and think of you.

Here are 5 amazing hoodies to gift your best friend.


1. Fear And Loathing Hoodie


Road trips with your best friends are those life changing experiences that stay in our memories forever. You and your best friend probably referenced Fear And Loathing on your last road trip together, so this hoodie is the perfect gift for your partner in crime. “Too weird to live, too rare to die!” 




2. All Eyes On Me Hoodie


If you two have cruised around together spitting lyrics to your favorite rappers, this street art style hoodie is the perfect gift for your hip-hop loving bestie. You could get the Biggie Drome Hoodie and have East Coast / West Coast feuding styles.




3. Astronaut Pals Hoodie


The Astronaut Pals Hoodie is the most adorable gift you can give your best friend. One of you is the space kitty and the other is the elevated panda. It’s the perfect rendition of you guys blasting off together on your out of this world adventures.




4. Stoned Toons Hoodie


After all the lazy Saturdays where you guys have sat around watching cartoons (and maybe blazing too), this hoodie doesn’t need an explanation. From Spongebob to Adventure Time, this hoodie has all your favorite characters getting *lifted.* 




5. Unicorn Spew Hoodie


Since your best friend is a rare and special unicorn, this vibrant hoodie is the perfect gift. Guy or girl, this trippy hoodie is one of the Epic Hoodie Best Selling Designs. Let your bestie know that they are the unicorn in your life.


Show your best friend how much they mean to you this Holiday season by getting them an Epic Hoodie that features a vibrant all-over print hoodie design! 

From Art-Inspired Styles HERE to Space Vibes HERE, there is an epic hoodie for everyone! If you didn't find the perfect design, check out more Hoodies HERE