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Top 10 Colorful Hoodies For 2022

| November 06, 2018

Treat yourself with a vibrant hoodie design to keep you colorful on even the darkest days. Our collections have something for everyone. Featuring art-inspired threads, we have various styles like pop culture, outer space and watercolors.

We also have hilarious designs for you pranksters and spirit animals of all sizes. These comfortable hoodies are guaranteed to be your new favorite outfit essential. 

If pullovers aren't your thing, we have zip-ups, which are great for layering. Now the hard part is choosing which one to pick. Here's our pick for the top 10 most colorful hoodies for 2020:  


10. Kitten Tie-Dye Hoodie 

This cool kitty is in a rainbow bliss. Lost in the colors wave, this PAW-some design is a favorite in our animal collection. 

Buy your Kitten Tie-Dye Rainbow Hoodie HERE



9. Splatter Alien Hoodie 

Splatter Alien is a popular design from our newest featured artist, BrizBazaar! This woke alien is so colorful and will never crack or fade in the wash! The neon splatters are drippy and perfect for festivals or casual wear. 

Get your Splatter Alien HERE.  



8. Yoda Splash Hoodie 

The legendary jedi master Yoda is on a hoodie for all you Star Wars fans! Remember Yoda said, "Fear is the path to the dark side." Join the colorful side with this amazing all over print hoodie. 

Buy your Yoda Splash Hoodie HERE. 



7. Wolf Hoodie 

This mystical wolf hoodie is more than an item of clothing, it's an art piece. The vibrant watercolor design is entrancing and you can get lost in the aqua blue eyes.

Buy your Wolf Hoodie HERE



6. Mandala Madness Hoodie

This fiery pattern will keep you warm during the cold days. This all-over print design is a favorite mandala design that will go with any outfit. This trippy pattern will have everyone getting lost in the color burst. 

Get your Mandala Madness Hoodie HERE



5. Rainbow Triangle Hoodie 

Get lost in the shadowy depths of the universe. The mystical hues of blues and purple create an infinite bliss and futuristic style. Tune in to your kindred spirit with this vibrant design. 

Get your Rainbow Triangle Hoodie HERE



4. Oracle of Life Hoodie 

This sacred geometry pattern is perfect for yogis and artistic styles. The colorful space pattern is printed all over the hoodie and sleeves making it way cooler than your favorite college hoodie. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood, but no matter what else you wear it with, we can guarantee it will the most comfy hoodie you own. 

Buy your Oracle of Life Hoodie HERE



3. Homie Hoodie 

At Epic Hoodie, we love street art and urban designs, and this Homie Hoodie is just that. It's your favorite Simpson character in a pop art rendition. The vibrant colors will never fade because of our sublimation print method.  

Purchase your Homie Hoodie HERE



2. Floral Dorian Hoodie 

This design is by artist Riza Peker. We made her flowering skull-look into a hoodie so you can wear art all the time. Skulls can have have a positive symbolic meaning of remembrance and rebirth, which paired with the flowers, we love the meaning behind this amazing picture. 

Buy your Floral Dorian Hoodie HERE



1. Dream Waves Hoodie 

Make waves in this cool design. This is a newer design to epic hoodie, but already a fan favorite. The cloudy dusts of vibrant colors will have everyone asking where you got this hoodie. Be prepared for comfort level 100 and the washer will never crack this amazing sublimated pattern. 

Get your Dream Waves Hoodie HERE


We love hoodie season! If you haven't found your perfect new hoodie, then check out the rest of our BEST SELLERS HERE or browse through our full list of  COLLECTIONS HERE. We have hundreds of epic designs waiting to make your cold weather outfit complete!