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Top 10 Crop Hoodies Perfect For Cozy Season

| November 09, 2021

Regular hoodies have quickly evolved into crop hoodies that look jaw-droppingly gorgeous on anyone with a sense of style. If you are on the prowl for a hoodie that doesn’t weigh you down yet still makes a powerful visual impact, you owe it to yourself to consider a crop hoodie. Cropped hoodies are comparably light, provide enhanced flexibility and will keep your head warm late at night when the temperatures dip down low. Let’s take a quick look at the 10 best crop hoodies that will keep you nice and comfy this winter.

Signs of Peace Fleece Crop Hoodie

Make your vibe known with this cropped hoodie and it will be perfectly clear you aren't looking for even the slightest bit of buzz-killing drama. Hand-made right here in the United States, this psychedelic cropped hoodie sets the stage for new connections with fellow mellow party people. Slide this beauty over your head and it won't be long until you get a compliment or two, even if you are simply videoconferencing on Zoom from the comfort of your couch.

Weed Toss Fleece Crop Hoodie


When it comes to flower power, nothing beats this weed toss crop hoodie. The mismatched red and blue hues along the left and right arms add even more of a visual impact to this one-of-a-kind hoodie. The multi-colored marijuana leaves extend all the way to the arm's ends, making it clear that you are all about living the good life.

Vice Fleece Crop Hoodie


This cropped fleece hoodie has the classic design you have been looking for. Don't assume you can't have a flower garden of your own if you live in an apartment or with your parents. Slide into this cropped hoodie and you will feel as though you are a walking flower garden.

Pink Berry Paint Splatter Fleece Crop Hoodie


You don't have to play Splatoon on the Nintendo Switch to have a splatter fest of your own. If you love eye-popping colors and paint splotches, look no further than this visual masterpiece. Made by Big Tex Funkadelic, this 100% premium polyester cropped hoodie looks like bubble gum combined with neon pink paint. 

Dream Waves Fleece Crop Hoodie

Have you ever wanted to go cloud surfing while the heavens shine bright from above?  Unless you are tripping on acid, such a scenario might seem implausible, that is, unless you don this trippy cropped hoodie. Pull the Dream Waves cropped hoodie over your head and you will feel as though you have entered a dreamland complete with puffy clouds, colorful waves and ethereal beauty.

Take A Little Trip With Weed Fleece Crop Hoodie


Don this swagged out hoodie and you will tell the world you are 420-friendly without uttering even a single word.  Even if you only toke the ganja once in a blue moon, this cropped hoodie will help you transcend dimensions, at least in a visual sense.

Neon Hieroglyph Fleece Crop Hoodie


This just might be the most creative cropped hoodie ever made. Move your eyes up and down the artfully printed hieroglyphics on this hoodie and you will feel as though you have time traveled back to ancient Egypt. Made with premium polyester, this colorful cropped hoodie will prove resistant to shrinking, wrinkles, mildew and abrasion.

Merkabah Tundra Fleece Crop Hoodie


Take one look at this cropped hoodie and you will be enamored. Focus on the hoodie's center and you might even feel as though your mind has transitioned to a higher dimension. The Merkabah Tundra crop hoodie even has symmetrical star-like white highlights for extra visual pizzazz.

Black, White and Grey Paint Splatter Fleece Crop Hoodie


This cropped hoodie is a combination of abstract art, paintball splatter and army camouflage. Created by Big Tex Funkadelic, this cropped hoodie's monochromatic design has a cool factor that everyone agrees is off the charts. The all-white draw strings contrast with the black and grey to capture the attention of everyone you pass by.

Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Fleece Crop Hoodie


Even if you aren't into quantum mechanics, you can have a nuclear reaction of your very own with this cropped hoodie. Set your eyes on this visual feast of a hoodie and you will agree its swag level is off the charts. The cropped hoodie’s blue and black center is artfully complemented by neon green, purple and orange hues that will have you looking your best at all angles.

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