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Top 10 Must-Have Hoodie Dresses of 2022

| February 06, 2019

Hoodie dresses are a fun fashion trend that meshes comfort with style. Dresses are always cute and perfect to dress up any occasion and hoodies are the most comfortable outfit item in your wardrobe! Together, we have the hoodie dress, which will be your new favorite outfit go to! 

At Epic Hoodie, we have the most colorful and unique designs in the world. And the best part is our sublimation print technique will never crack or fade even after hundred of washes. 

Join the #EpicHoodie fam and treat yourself with a hoodie dress today!



1. Pineal Metatron Hoodie Dress

Align your spirit and your style with this sacred geometry pattern that is so vibrant! The metatron cube is my favorite geometric pattern of infinity. If you love this design, check out the Sacred Geometry Collection HERE.

Buy your Pineal Metatron Hoodie HERE



2. Wolf Hoodie Dress

Wolf, that a dope hoodie dress. The watercolors are so vibrant and the eyes of the wolf are so enchanting. Lead the pack with this hot style. Hoodie dresses are here to combine comfort with fashion.

Wear art in this Wolf Hoodie Dress HERE



3. Galactic Dragon Hoodie Dress

Transform yourself into a scaly and galactic being in this incredible hoodie. Pair it with some leggings for a cute but alien-like look and get all the compliments. 

Buy your Galactic Dragon Hoodie Dress HERE



4. Tiger Hoodie Dress

If you are feeling fierce, then rock this colorful hoodie featuring a majestic tiger. Stare into the enchanting eyes of this majestic creature! This watercolor design will have everyone asking where did you get that hoodie? Browse more Watercolor Designs HERE

Find your Tiger Hoodie Dress Size HERE



5. Galactic Valley Hoodie Dress

This Galactic Valley Hoodie Dress is one of our top selling designs. Take a cosmic walk through nature and enjoy the detailed vast starscape of cool tones. 

Get your starstrucken Galactic Valley Hoodie Dress HERE.



4. Euphoria Hoodie Dress


The colors in this hoodie dress are so trippy and amazing. Teal is my favorite color and the sacred geometry pattern at the top adds a unique twist.  

Get your trippy Euphoria Hoodie Dress HERE



3. Biggie Drome Hoodie Dress

Biggie, Biggie, can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me! If you wanna rep the East Coast and love some Biggie Smalls, then this street art depiction is the perfect artistic hoodie for you. Shop more art-inspired designs HERE or grab your Biggie Drome Hoodie Dress HERE



2. Stranger Things Hoodie Dress 

Things are getting a little strange! If this science fiction tale of Will Byers is your favorite go to binge worthy show, them this is the perfect hoodie for you. The galactic colors with the words no mouthbreathers will have every Stranger Things fan go crazy! Shop more Pop-Culture Inspired Designs HERE

Grab your Stranger Things Hoodie Dress HERE



1. Floramandala Hoodie Dress 

This Floramandala Hoodie Dress is my personal favorite because I love the mandala part at the top and then the black space below. Mandalas are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes! For more floral prints, Shop HERE.

Buy your Floramandala Hoodie Dress HERE



If you didn't find the hoodie you love, then visit the full HOODIE DRESS COLLECTION HERE. We have a wide selection of epic hoodies for you to choose from! 

Maybe long hoodie dresses aren't your style. That's okay because also have a selection of Crop Hoodies HERE!