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Top 10 Most Trippy Hoodies Of 2022

| November 09, 2021

A trippy hoodie provides an all-natural high for yourself, as well as everyone you cross paths with. Feast your eyes on the psychedelic hoodies below and you’ll be in a happy land of your own. Better yet, don a trippy hoodie when venturing out to class or work and you’ll share the visual splendor with everyone else.

Sloth Abduction Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

Made right here in the good ole USA, this trippy hoodie will have you rolling without any supplemental aid. Slide into this zip-up hoodie and you’ll be transported into another visual dimension. Even if you aren't a believer in extra-terrestrials, this hoodie will give you good reason to don a tin foil cap. Rock this sloth abduction hoodie, reveal the unknown to everyone you cross paths with and it won't be long until you are striking up mind-expanding conversations with complete strangers.

Oil Spill Rave Camo Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

When it comes to trippy hoodies, none break the ice better than this beauty. This psychedelic hoodie's visual splendor will have you feeling as though you are a walking abstract painting. The teal ink blots contrast the ghoulish blacks in just the right way. Look closely and you'll spot faces, floating eyes, and even some trippy demon formations in this epic psychedelic hoodie.

Cosmic Dream Unisex Hoodie

Add some color to your life by copping this intergalactic trippy hoodie. The mish-mash of flowing colors will have everyone staring in awe, guaranteeing you make a lasting first impression. The mind-bending colors extend all the way up to the hood. Go ahead and wash this trippy psychedelic hoodie as often as you want. It won't even slightly bleed its unique blend of colors thanks to its specialized heat-dye application.

Nous Dissenys Tie-Dye Unisex Hoodie

Have you ever wanted to venture out into space and meet up with ET? You might not ever make it to another galaxy, but you certainly have the opportunity to take your own special trip each time you don this psychedelic hoodie. Featuring an artful combination of tie-dye and an alien-like face that some interpret as a new age psychedelic cross in the center, this hoodie is as idiosyncratic as it gets. The front pocket blends into perfection, providing you with a source of warmth without compromising the hoodie's look. Turn around to check out this trippy hoodie in the mirror from the back, and you will find it is perfectly symmetrical with the front design, featuring colors that extend all the way up to the hood.

Abstract Summer Sunset Unisex Hoodie

With this hoodie, you can spend the day on the beach without hopping on an airplane for an expensive vacation. Pull this hoodie over your head and you'll enjoy plenty of tropical vibes throughout the morning, afternoon and night. Available in sizes from XS all the way up to XXXL, this 100% premium polyester hoodie is the definition of eye candy.

Insectoid Entity Unisex Hoodie

Ants are blind, yet they just might see you coming when you are rocking this loud psychedelic hoodie. The insectoid entity hoodie has the perfect visual balance from top to bottom and side to side. Onlookers' eyes will gravitate toward the teal, bright green and rich red sections of this trippy hoodie. Shift your gaze down to the center and your interpretation of the design will be uniquely yours. As is often said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is certainly true of this distinct psychedelic hoodie.

Mystic River Unisex Hoodie

To say this psychedelic hoodie is trippy would be an understatement. Wear this hoodie to school, on campus, or even to work and you'll feel as though you've ventured down a mystical journey on the flowing waters of life. Perfect for both men and women, the Mystic River hoodie is as colorful as it gets. Whether you are looking to make an indelible first impression or simply put your unique sense of style on display, this hoodie gets the job done and then some.

Oil Aurora Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

One-part zebra, one-part trippy art, this psychedelic hoodie is as smooth as it gets.  Featuring strikes, circles and vibrant colors, the Oil Aura Unisex Zip-Up is truly epic in every sense of the word. You can zip the sides together all the way up to the start of the hood when the temperatures dip down low or let each unique side hang free to stay nice and cool during spring and fall.

Trippy Alien Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

There’s nothing cooler than a slightly distorted neon yellow, green and red alien face layered on a grey and white hoodie. The contrast between these powerful hues maximizes the visual impact. There's even a trippy alien face on the back of the hoodie just below where the tip of the hood protrudes. 

Neon Rift Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

Turn on Lykke Li's "Neon," zip up your own Neon Rift hoodie and you'll be ready for anything. Neon's atomic number is 10 but you'll be turned up all the way to 11 when donning this eye-popping trippy hoodie made by Psychedelic Pourhouse. The hoodie's maze-like design acts as a pathway that's sure to entice potential flames to guide their hands along your torso, kindling any budding romance.


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