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Ugly Christmas Hoodies That’ll Make You Merry This Holiday Season

| November 09, 2021

The holiday shopping season has arrived. Now is the perfect time to buy an ugly Christmas hoodie for yourself, your sweetie or someone else in your life. The days of expensive Christmas sweaters with a sophisticated look are long gone. The ugly Christmas hoodie is as chic as it gets. Whether you are looking for something fun to wear during the holidays or want to surprise someone in your life with some new psychedelic holiday-themed threads, an ugly Christmas hoodie is the answer. 

The Breaking Bad Ugly Christmas Hoodie

Featuring none other than Walter White himself, this Christmas hoodie is as epic as it gets. Even if you don't do meth, you'll be high on life while wearing this colorful ugly Christmas hoodie. A dazzling array of meth crystals, reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes and gas masks surround the iconic Breaking Bad character to make this sweet hoodie sparkle. Though it doesn't snow in the desert of New Mexico, your cool factor will be turned up, all the way to 11 when rocking this 100% polyester ugly Christmas hoodie. Breaking Bad Christmas decorations cover the entirety of the hoodie, ensuring everyone knows you are celebrating the holidays just as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would have hoped.

The Savage Grinch Unisex Hoodie

Made right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, this ugly Christmas hoodie is perfect for both guys and girls. Even if you aren't a Grinch, you'll look amazing in this ugly Christmas hoodie. The gorgeous green aurora borealis behind the Grinch will get you and everyone you cross paths with into the holiday spirit. The color's gradient shift combined with holiday reds and whites make this bad boy your go-to hoodie when the weather turns cold. The back of the hoodie adds that little something extra with a “You’re a Savage, Mr. Grinch” line printed in eye-catching white font.

The Catta Ugly Unisex Hoodie

When it comes to Christmas hoodies, it doesn't get any more psychedelic than this.  Arguably the most artfully ugly Christmas hoodie ever made, these threads feature hot pink mushrooms, a glowing neon timepiece, bright yellow snowflakes and Catta puffing on a hookah. Made right here in the United States, this one-of-a-kind hoodie will get you and yours into the holiday spirit at first sight.

The Christmas Sloth Unisex Hoodie

Ah, the sloth. When the holiday season rolls around, sloths are surely the first thing that that enters the mind - if they are rocking a stylish Christmas stocking cap, that is.  Don this hoodie for the holiday season and your midsection on up to your chest will be covered in a glorious sloth face. The rest of the hoodie features colorful hues sure to have you and everyone else captivated by the visual eye candy. You can machine wash this ugly Christmas hoodie as many times as you want as it has sublimation printing with specialized heat-dye that maintains its unique color for decades to come.

The Santa Bod Christmas Unisex Hoodie

Everyone knows about Dad Bods but how many know about Santa Bods?  Give the gift of humor to your significant other or friends this holiday season by donning this fleshy ugly Christmas hoodie. This au naturel hoodie lights up the eyes with a Christmas wreath around the neck, reindeer and skulls on the sleeves, and crisp white drawstrings.

The Grumpy Cat Unisex Hoodie

Ho, Ho...No? If you're trying to showcase your inner Grinch, then this epic grumpy cat ugly Christmas sweater is for you. You'll get plenty of friendly looks, smiles and comments while wearing this conversation-starter during the holiday season. The grumpy cat ugly Christmas hoodie is made just as well as it looks. Guaranteed to hold strong while other hoodies peel, crack and fade as the Christmases pass by, the Grumpy Cat hoodie is perfect for everyone with a sense of humor.

The Smoke Ugly Unisex Hoodie

Everyone knows Christmas is on 12/25 yet 4/20 is equally as important. You can blur the lines between the two celebrations by rocking the Smoke Ugly Christmas hoodie this holiday season.  here is no better way to put your passion for puffing on display than this eye-popping hoodie. Move your eyes across the bright greens and psychedelic purples, and it won't be long until the endorphins start flowing to your brain. A mere glance at this piece of artful apparel is enough to activate your cannabis receptors.

2 for 20 Unisex Hoodie

The Peanuts gang is back in action on this poly-fleece, hand-finished hoodie. Snoopy and Woodstock are hanging out by the Christmas tree right here on your very own Peanuts-themed hoodie. With an understated coolness, each of these iconic characters symbolizes everything we love about the Christmas holiday. Snoopy's a whole vibe, rocking a trippy multicolored sweater of his own.

The Merry Chimichanga Hoodie

There is no better way to celebrate the Christmas holiday than by rocking an ugly Christmas hoodie with Deadpool and chimichangas. The comic book superstar has his very own Santa hat, firearms and Christmas trees, in addition to those tasty-looking chimichangas. This visual feast stretches the entirety of the hoodie thanks to its original 360-degree design.


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